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There are things you need to do in order to get a freelance writing job

How to get a freelance writing job and succeed in it

There are two parts of this blog. The first is how you go about getting a freelance writing job and the second is how you go about making sure it is a great piece of writing. Let's tackle them separately and remember that unless we can get the first part right, the second part doesn't come into it.

Make the ideal job application.

It doesn't matter how good a writer you are if you make a poor job application you are far less likely to win the job. Just imagine yourself being the employer. How do you choose sometimes from as many as 20 applicants the best person for your job? One of the first things you will look at is the actual job application. If this has spelling mistakes, if this does not detail how the job will be tackled, if this doesn't answer any questions posed in the job description and if the overall appearance is of average or poor quality, then your chances of getting that freelance job are low to very low.

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Quote a price which is fair and reasonable.

You must quote a price which is fair and reasonable. Now straight away you would argue that what I think is fair and reasonable and somebody else thinks could be two completely different amounts and that is true. But that is where the better freelance writers get the balance just right. They know the amount of work that will be required and they know a reasonable fee which will cover that amount of work. They price their job application accordingly.

Ask any questions if you are unsure about something.

You will impress the employer if you ask a question or questions about the job description. You don't ask a question just for the sake of doing so but rather because you don't understand one or more points in the job specification. An employer likes to see that an applicant is studying the job description in great detail.

Be well organized and get your application in ASAP.

You must be well organized. You must know which jobs you are applying for and when. And you must apply as soon as possible because if you leave it too long somebody with the ideal qualifications may apply and the job will be given to them and your application will be a waste of time.

You need to be doubly sure that you have addressed every point in the job description.

You must be an expert at proofreading and editing. If necessary you must send regular reports on a very large job.

You must finish the work ahead of time and give the employer the opportunity to ask for corrections.

What our writers say

Well once again there are a number of tried and tested steps you can take to almost guarantee that you will produce excellent material.

Why Freelance Writing Is A Good Job For You?

It's so often happens that students in exams write a brilliant essay but fail to address the topic. It doesn't matter how good a writer you are if you want to be successful as a freelance writer you must address the specifics of the job description. You must send work which has been edited and proofread. If you fail to do either of these tasks you will never be successful as a freelance writer.

If you have a very large job it's important that you keep in regular contact with the employer. Send them work in stages. Keep them abreast of what is happening. And if you are a well-organized person and plan accordingly you can actually finish the job ahead of time and in sending it to the employer offer them the opportunity to ask for corrections.

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